Simple Drivers for Simple Tasks

About CMD4

Command4 was created to provide Free no strings attached drivers for control4 to solve over priced problems.
Many times control4 drivers present more costs then they are worth when a dealer really wants to solve a simple issue.

We are hell bent on building open and easy to use drivers for control4.

Simple Events

Trigger events using the Built in Web Service on the controller.

Download Driver Tutorial

Simple JSON

Push Variables outside of Control4 via the Web Service to a JSON formatted page.

Download Driver Tutorial

SMTP Client

Send Emails with a SMTP account and no need for 4Sight to operate.

Download Driver Tutorial

Consider a Donation

These Drivers are free, I believe Control4 Should have these features built in. So thats why I do it. I dont demand outragous costs to download a file. If you found any of these drivers helpful, consider some beer money for me.

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Contact Support

Drivers are found or created by me you are welcome to tweet questions to me on any of these drivers. I supports them all & I loves seeing the drivers in action.